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Lời bài hát trong Album "Live"

1. Airplane Pilot - Ellis Paul (Live)

From the album Live

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2. All Night Long - Eagles (Live)

From the album Live

we get up early and we work all day
We put our time in 'cause we like to stay up
All night long

We keep on grinnin' till...

3. All Things Being The Same - Ellis Paul (Live)

From the album Live

She is searching for some form of salvation
In the corner of a bar down the street,
But the gin controls whole conversations

4. Amame, Quiereme - Selena (Live)

From the album Live

(con pete astudillo)

Abrázame, como nunca me has abrazado
Y bésame, como nunca me has besado
Porque tú eres la...

5. Amame, Quiereme (english Translation) - Selena (Live)

From the album Live

"love me"


Please remember! this translation is my...

6. Ana Ng - They Might Be Giants (Live)

From the album Live

Make a hole with a gun perpendicular
To the name of this town in a desk-top globe
Exit wound in a foreign nation
Showing the...

7. Angel - Poco (Live)

From the album Live

(paul cotton)

Pleasure seeker new love reaper
I've heard tell you're quite
A nighttime keeper
Will you ever find the...

8. Angel In Manhattan - Ellis Paul (Live)

From the album Live

Tell the man who repairs the wings for angels
That one has fallen among the mortals on bleeker street
I lent a hand, she looked...

9. Appletree - Erykah Badu (Live)

From the album Live!

I'd like to dedicate this to all the children
I have some food in my bag for you
Not the edible food, the food you eat, no

10. Applied Science - 311 (Live)

From the album Live!

Nod your head to this as a lot of apprentice
Some of this were standing on the shoulder of giants
Some tryants some...

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