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Lời bài hát bắt đầu với chữ cái "L"

1. L A Inflatable - 10cc (Unknown)

From the album unknown

Oh well her skin it was softer than velvet
And her eyes were as bright as a child's
Her lips were a promising picture

2. L Word - Earth Wind Fire (Na)

From the album N/A

I climb in bed
She's distracted
Flipping pages
Asking for the matches
Cigarette smoke hangs
Just like a curtain

3. L-5 - Todd Rundgren (Unknown)

From the album unknown

Yesterday a postman
Delivered to me
The pictures that i've longed to see
A special place

A wheel in the sky

4. L-I-K-S - Tha Alkaholiks (Xo Experience)

From the album X.O. Experience

Ha ha, hahaha! Straight ignorance at it's finest
We got the rowdy ass Alkaholik boys in the house tonight

5. L-l-lies - Diana King (Think Like A Girl)

From the album Think Like A Girl

oh why, oh why, oh why
You tell me l-l-l-lies
Never t-t-t-t-t think
That i woulda re-a-li-a-li-a-lize

6. L-o-v-e - Nat King Cole (Unknown)

From the album unknown

Artist nat king cole (peak billboard position # 81 in 1964-seven months after the
Beatles hit the ed sullivan show)
Words by...

7. L-o-v-e - Natalie Cole (Unknown)

From the album unknown

L is for the way you look at me, o is for the only one i see

V is very, very extraordinary, e is even more than anyone that...

8. L-y - Tom Lehrer (Unknown)

From the album unknown

You're wearing your squeaky shoes
And right there taking a snooze
Is a tiger, so how do you walk on by?
Silently ......

9. L. A. P. D. - Offspring (Na)

From the album N/A


When cops are taking care of business I can understand
But the L.A. story's gone way out of hand
Their acts of...

10. L. U. V. - John Mellencamp (Dance Naked)

From the album Dance Naked

Guilty till proven innocent
I´m thinking about the government
Wondering where the money went
Into outer-space, i...

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