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Lời bài hát bắt đầu với chữ cái "S"

1. Sundown - S Club 8 S Club Juniors (Sundown)

From the album Sundown

All: Sun down, Friday twilight
in the big town
Party people getting ready now
Somewhere, baby, I know you're waiting to...

2. Sundown - Uriah Heep (High And Mighty)

From the album High And Mighty

I'll see you at sundown
You can't back out now
The news is all over town
I'll see you at sundown
And they can...

3. Sundown - Veruca Salt (Unknown)

From the album unknown

Your the pearl in the quicksand
You sink without a sound
I'm the girl with the tiny hands
Planted underground
Your the...

4. Sundowner - Walkabouts The (New West Motel)

From the album New West Motel

Deaf as a fence post
Alone on a winter's night
I'm drunk as a racehorse
But i'll never fade outta sight


5. Sundrops - Kristin Hersh (Hips And Makers)

From the album Hips and Makers

You can't get any more sunshine
I can't get over how it rains down
Oh no no no...
You can't get any more...

6. Sunface - Tanita Tikaram (Everybodys Angel)

From the album Everybody's Angel

Too often closed
With a little beauty
And the right supposing
Suppose i meet you
And make you...

7. Sunday, Monday Or Always - Frank Sinatra (Night And Day)

From the album Night And Day

Sunday, monday or tuesday, wednesday, thursday or friday
I want you near, every day in the year
Oh, won't you tell me...

8. Sunday, Sunday - Blur (Modern Life Is Rubbish)

From the album Modern Life Is Rubbish

Sunday, sunday here again in tidy attire
You read the colour supplement, the tv guide
You dream of protein on a...

9. Sundays Mondays - Lenny Kravitz (Unknown)

From the album unknown

Written by: lenny kravitz/henry kirsch

The sun is out
The clouds are slowly going
And now my heart is growing...

10. Sundays Morning - Gwen Stefani (Tragic Kingdom)

From the album Tragic Kingdom

Sappy pathetic little me
That was the girl i used to be
You had me on my knees

I'd trade you places any...

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